Rens Cools, °1991
Lives and works in Antwerp, BE
+32 495 62 83 99


The work of Rens Cools (Belgium, °1991) has a history in a myriad of different media like sculpture, video, performance, installation and web art. Rens Cools graduated in a Master of Research in Art and Design in 2015, after obtaining a Master in Fine Arts at St Lucas School of Arts, Antwerp.  
Rens Cools’ works often revolves around the art for art’s sake. By dissecting different aspects of the arts, such as sculpture, painting, exhibition spaces but also the artist and curating, Rens Cools does research in a minimal and therefore radical way. Rens Cools also works with something he calles Embedded Fiction. Here he takes on different roles, by consciously embedding elements of fiction into his own life so that they become reality.
In 2012, Rens Cools set up an artist initiative called GALLERY GALLERY. The platform started off as a web space presenting artists, with curated online exhibitions and live feeds of performances. In 2018, GALLERY GALLERY established a foothold in 2140 Antwerp (Borgerhout). This polyvalent project focuses on supporting and exhibiting research projects from different artistic disciplines.



We live in a world of excess where more is more and less is much less. A day without fame is a waste and a question of need is a question of taste. We live in a time of decay when the worth of a man is how much he can play. Every day all the public must know where we are, what we do 'cause our life is a show and it's not even demeaning. It's like a drug we use to give our lives meaning. The way we look gets us so much attention. Our sole employment is getting more. We want police intervention. Every actor needs an audience. Every action is a performance. It all takes courage. We know it. Just crossing the street, well, it's almost heroic. We’re so flamboyant. There we are at another preview. In a pose the artist and us. To look so loud may be considered tacky. Collectors wear black clothes by Issey Miyake. We really care that they stare. And the press deployment is always there. It's what we do for enjoyment.

Rens Cools, April 2015
after Tiago Duarte
after Pet Shop Boys